Why edeatwo ?

Major concerns in company processes are due to lack of control over activities planning, deliverables and results.
  We strongly believe the lack of data integration is the major issue in office automation, preventing the business to fly.
    ...Our success stories are our best support for the next challenge: YOU.

edeatwo is a unique productivity and business improvement tool that allows you to:


Strenght and streamline complex projects throughout the lifecycle, from contract to decommissioning


Consolidate each internal process and/or customer/supplier relationship


Orchestrate and integrate all the tools already present in the company

edeatwo has been used since 2001 in major projects by the largest aerospace and defense companies and provides more than 1,200 user functions


is a one-stop reference for verifying documentation, product compliance, metrics and consistency of processes implemented in house and by suppliers, checking deadlines and approving schedules and deliveries.

More generally, it is used as a tool to verify and control the process/product quality of suppliers.

is a centralized tool for sharing, streamlining, and optimizing orders, from contracts to design requirements, from products and delivery, from management documentation to proper management of variants and field maintenance/anomalies.

It introduces multi-sector and multi-project planning on divisional and functional organizations, and complete control over systems logistics according to military and civilian standards (with SLA measures).
The Concept:
What is edeatwo ?
edeatwo is used as a “Top Level” management tool in many leading companies worldwide, mainly in Aerospace and Defence sector, where complexity is normality.
edeatwo cipher and uniqness is the power to control all the Product and Project Lifecycle Phases as a Quality and Configuration management system on every product or document.
The strategy is to maintain coherence and control over all enterprise management areas.

What is NOT edeatwo ?
edeatwo is NOT a PLM nor a PDM nor a DM nor an Asset or Maintenance Management automation tool but a project planned activities and deliverables orchestrator and controller.

What about my actual Software Toolchain?
Top level management is obtained using edeatwo ’s native functions or, where required, by interfacing edeatwo to each single company tools such as SAP / Teamcenter / Windchill / Jira / Primavera / Sharepoint and, of course, massively with Microsoft Project.
All in one:

Contracts and Strict Planning

Documents and Archives | Deliverables | Products | Multiproject Commercial and Technical WBS with Deliverables | Programs and cost centers

Document Management

All areas (Management, business, project, ..) | Digital signature, versioning and coop. working | Folders, Templates and workflows | Sharing with third parties

Configuration Control

Checking Specifications and Requirements | Products Hw, Sw, Systems, Services | Design and Documentation | Process Quality | Deliverables | Variants

Engineering, Design and Products

Product Data Management | Variants | Specifications and Requirements | Logistic Support Analisys (LSA) | Baseline/BOM

In-Service Scenarios

Assets (System/Physical/Functional Views) | Warehouses and maintenance | Ticketing and Interventions | Delivery | Approvals and Compliance/Metrics and SLAs.

Anomaly Management

Ticketing and CRM | Design feedbacks | Process Quality and Kpi | Deliverables | Purchasing and Obsolescence

Systems Maintenance

Helpdesk | Maintenance Plans | Product Variants and sw upgrades | Work orders, maintenance skills | Deliverables and consumables | Warehouse and stockout

Users and Stakeholders

Users, Companies, Organizational Units and Teams | Functional/Divisional Structures | Delegations, Roles and Hierarchies | Standards, languages, time zones.
Focus On:







Why Configuration Management?
Configuration Management is not only a matter of Software but we can apply on Hardware, Services, Deliverables, Deliveries, Documents and more...
This is the core idea of edeatwo

Deliver whole integrated solutions to your customers requires significant changes both in the business and information management processes that are related to configuration.

Forcing actual enterprise software tools to do what they are not created for leads to a huge waste of money.
Forcing custom integration between actual enterprise software tools leads to a huge waste of money.

Only configuration management tools are built to implement a reliable and affordable control over enterprise processes.

Top level control


Documents Management and control over approval and versioning. Change management over documents. Templates, Certificates and Project or Program conformity models. Digital signature, automatic document composition and generation. Document typologies rules definition, relations and authomatic email archiver as documents.

As Designed

Creation and versioning of Technical structures, release process and planning. Change management over items and documents, at Product, Project, Contract or single delivery level. Item relations and Reuse, Continuos and single baselining modes, alternative or equivalent Items. Item typologies rules definition. Automatic BOM - EBOM - MBOM management and its modification history.

As Delivered

Management of WBS, CBS, WBE with delivery control. Cooperative WBS modification process with change control over single deliverable and document. Rescheduling and Assessment recording with historical analisys. Metrics and kpi over changing WBS. Configured deliveries and Contract Status Report generation.

As Mantained

From technical structures to physical Parts delivered to customers. Depot, physical, functional and georeferenced structural system views. Warranty and maintenance plans within a full Configuration control over delivered physical parts and software. Design loop control and selective maintenance interventions. Logistic support analisys data and metrics over asset structures and maintenance programs.

Technical Informations

What do you need to know to synchronize all business processes in real time under a single point of control

edeatwo is a software system that can be installed on every platform in few hours and could be ready to work for you tomorrow morning.

edeatwo guarantees continuous updates and security patches and is certified as secure software.

edeatwo has only one contractual formula: clear, simple and without surprises, inclusive of man/hours dedicated to user support or evolutionary interventions to introduce new functions.

edeatwo is not intended to be "modular" or "scalable" as all other enterprise software tools are presented...everything is already there, just get started!
We are focused to quickly implement the changes needed to adhere to your work processes.

edeatwo can be configured on complex IT architectures as well as on a normal pc and can be used on any platform with a web browser
edeatwo guidelines are based on major international standards like
MIL-HDBK-61, ANSI EIA 649, MIL-STD 1388, ASD S3000L and PMBOK

Easy and Quick

easy hardware requirement

day to Setup a new installation

day max support response time

simple licencing formula